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Sailor Moon by 朱雀町四丁目


Sailor Senshi Gowns 


Mars and Venus from Sailor Moon.

By 5321220

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✿ Sailor Moon

I never really watched Sailor Moon before. It was the cartoon that I always  miss out. I remember my dad bought sailor moon’s little doll for my sister and me when we were little. These girls were really cute! Although we always get confuse about some of these character’s gender (like sailor uranus), we still really like them. 


セーラー戦士 by 久保田 on pixiv


:: Sitting Pretties - Perry Dixon Maple

With the opening just around the corner I figured it was finally time to upload a few shots of my piece for the Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi exhibition at Q Pop on April 5th.
So excited to be a part of this show not only because its Sailor Moon! but also because many of my friends will be contributing to the exhibition including a close friend Eastwood Wong's amazing piece

For more information on the show check it out here

"Get ready Sailor Scouts!"